Creating the pricing table

We use the Stripe Dashboard to create the pricing table used in Societal Labs. This pricing table allows you to offer different subscription pricing levels to your customers. You don’t need to write any custom code to create or embed a pricing table, everything is provided by Stripe.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to More > Product catalog > pricing tables.

  2. Click +Create pricing table.

  3. Add products relevant to your customers (up to four per pricing interval). Optionally, include a free trial.

  4. Adjust the look and feel in Display settings. You can highlight a specific product and customize the language, colors, font, and button design.

  5. Configure payment settings by clicking Continue. Customize what customers see on the payments page and whether to display a confirmation page or redirect customers back to your site after a successful purchase.

  6. Configure the customer portal by clicking Continue.

  7. Click Copy code to copy the generated code and embed it into your Societal Labs website, specifically on the Subscription page.

The element where you want to paste your Stripe's Pricing Table code is called Stripe Pricing Table HTML.


Once you have pasted the code for the pricing table, you need to go back to the HTML element on your Bubble editor and add the following:


After you have pasted the code, make sure you replace the CLIENT_REFERENCE_ID for the Current User unique ID and the CUSTOMER_EMAIL for the Current User email.

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