Creating Products

Creating products on Stripe is a straightforward process that enables you to catalog your offerings and manage payments efficiently. This guide will walk you through the steps to create and manage your products on Stripe, making it easier to integrate with your Societal Labs based sites.

Guide to Creating Products on Stripe

Step 1: Log in to Your Stripe Dashboard

  • Access your Stripe account by logging in at the Stripe website.

  • Navigate to the dashboard to manage your account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Products Section

  • On your Stripe Dashboard, find the "Products" section in the sidebar menu.

  • Click on "Products" to view your current product list or to add new products.

Step 3: Create a New Product

  • Click on the "+ Add product" button, usually found at the top right corner of the product page.

  • You will be prompted to enter details about your new product.

Step 4: Enter Product Details

  • Name: Give your product a clear and descriptive name.

  • Description (optional): Provide a brief description of your product. This helps customers understand what they are purchasing.

  • Images (optional): You can upload images of your product. High-quality images can enhance customer trust and increase conversion rates.

  • Pricing: Choose whether your product will have a one-time price or a recurring subscription. Enter the price and currency.

    • For one-time products, specify the price.

    • For subscriptions, define the billing interval (e.g., monthly, annually).

Step 5: Add Variants or Additional Options (optional)

  • If your product comes in different versions or options (like sizes or colors), you can add these as variants. Click on "Add variant" and specify the options.

Step 6: Save Your Product

  • After entering all necessary details, click "Save" to add the product to your Stripe account.

  • Once saved, your product is ready to be linked to your Societal Labs based site.

Step 7: Integrate with Societal Labs

  • Use the product ID or API keys provided by Stripe for each product to integrate them into your Societal Labs site. This can usually be done through your site's payment or product management settings.

  • Ensure that your Societal Labs site correctly displays the product information and price as set up in Stripe.

Tips for Product Creation on Stripe

  • Consistency: Keep product names and descriptions consistent across your Stripe account and Societal Labs site to avoid customer confusion.

  • Testing: Utilize Stripe’s test mode to ensure products are correctly set up and transactions go through as expected before going live.

  • Updates: Regularly update your product listings on Stripe to reflect any changes in pricing, descriptions, or availability.

Creating products on Stripe is a critical step in setting up your e-commerce capabilities, allowing for a more organized and efficient handling of your offerings. By following these steps, you can ensure that your products are ready for sale and integrated with your Societal Labs based site, offering a smooth and professional checkout experience for your customers.

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